The Great Upholstery Hammerdown

What a fabulous day. Judith is a brilliant tutor with a relaxed and generous style. Her knowledge of furniture, wood and materials was fascinating and encyclopaedic . (I did not know that pure wool is 80% fire retardant).

Everyone brought a different item (we all agreed that we had all embarked on the course with a specific project in mind). They were all very different and all told a story. Layers of fabric were peeled back, dust from 100 years ago was released, and the stuffing from Kevin’s dining room chairs brought back the smell of his childhood.

No one felt rushed and there were plenty of tools and materials available. The venue was light, airy and perfect. There was homemade cake, and coffee and an electric stapler which was just dangerous enough to make you feel as if you were wielding a chainsaw…
Slowly but surely we all hammered, pinned, sewed and tapped our way to the transformation of our dearly loved furniture. It was amazing therapy!

It was marvellous value for money – any additional materials were of a reasonable cost. The covering for my piano stool cost £3 from a charity shop so I was chuffed to bits. It was great to go home and feel a great sense of relaxation and achievement … although sitting on the ‘what feels and looks like a new one’ piano stool is not allowed …yet! I am so proud of it … never did I think I would achieve so much in one day ….

By Julie Brown


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