What’s in your Button Box

Funky or Vintage Up-cycled JewelleryJewellery 4

Have you ever wondered what to do with your old beaded necklaces – old fashioned, broken, or just not ‘you’? Don’t throw them away, be creative and make them into something beautiful, funky or vintage. Kate designs her own up-cycled jewellery using bits and pieces found from charity shops or from the bottom of her button box.

Kate has been teaching jewellery making for many years, but the idea of up cycling goodies she finds is a relatively new idea. With a very good eye for colour and texture, Kate will work with you to make thoroughly beautiful jewellery that no one would image was made from charity shop pickings!

The joy of this course is that you make something bespoke that you like. These earrings couldn’t be more different in style. It costs nothing….just time! Look at these beautiful venetian glass beads from an old necklace made into a more modern style, plus enough left to make earrings to match.

Jewellery 1


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