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Art students receive prizes and praise from The Cowbridge Arts Group

Cowbridge Comprehensive School held their annual Art exhibition at the Old Hall which was well received by members of the public who commented on the very high standard of the work displayed. As usual, The Cowbridge Arts Group very kindly judged the pieces and awarded the winners with certificates and cheques.

This year, the students chose their own personal projects following a foundation phase in school, including organised workshops and visits to galleries which always result in a varied collection.

Our prize winners were as follows:Cowbridge Art

First prize: Samantha Phelps. Sam chose a subject close to her heart (her Grandad’s vintage and classic motorcycle collection) as her personal project. As well as an interest in art, Sam also enjoys music and drama which will stand her in good stead with her chosen career of production design.

Second prize: Olivia Davies. Olivia chose family portraits (in particular her younger sister) as her personal project and is applying to higher education courses in illustration.

Third prize: Libby Williams. Libby chose printmaking and etching of local structures and landscapes as her personal project. She has applied to higher education courses in architecture.

We wish them all the very best of luck for the future, and our thanks goes to the Cowbridge Arts Group for their continued support.

Well done to all!

Art · Old Hall Gallery

exhibition of art works

nickby Nick Davies

“My arts practice is informed by nature and therefore it is my aim to look at re-integrating nature into art through capturing the energy and rhythm of the natural world. The consideration for a new exhibition is to further explore transience and renewal in nature through the passing of time.

In wishing to represent an evolving landscape, it is my aim to communicate its essence through transcribing changing patterns revealed from reflected water patterns, dappled light, casting of shadows, and the intrinsic mysteries associated with the imprint of time.

Layer upon layer; a combination of digital media transposed over subtle transparencies, paintings depicting the flow waterfalls, shadow drawings and white sculptural forms representing rolling pebbles turning with the ebb and flow of tides. It is with this combination of traditional and new technologies that the exhibition seeks to draw attention to the more physical aspects of fragility and strength in the natural world….…”

at the Old Hall (Adult Education Centre), Cowbridge High Street

from Monday 4th September – Friday 27th September 2017



Meet the Artist Peter Cronin

SONY DSCMeet our fantastic Artist Peter Cronin, self taught artist living in South Wales and turned professional in 2003 after a twenty-year career in structural engineering.

Peter is an elected member of The Royal Society of Marine Artists, the Royal Watercolour Society of Wales and the Pure Watercolour Society. So students can be assured of his credibility in his chosen painting medium. Peter believes in ‘actively’ teaching so his classes are full of critiques and advice, as well as analysis of established artists techniques and methods. He will demonstrate freely to explain a given method or technique but also believes that this information is there for the student to accept or disregard according to their own tastes and development.

He has developed his own unique teaching style and methods that ensure the classes are entertaining, whilst serious in their pursuit of artistic progress.

Peter is a traditionalist painting in oil and watercolour. When using watercolour Peter paints in the tradition of pure watercolour, using no gouache or acrylic, thus giving the luminosity of the medium full prominence. We are delighted that Peter teaches his skill for Vale Courses.